Beauty - Passion - Integrity - Our Commitment to You

At Divine Design Wood Works, we still do most things the "old way". We believe in personal service - right from the start you'll be working with an individual that is fully knowledgeable of every aspect of our business. That same person will assist with any questions you may have, and when you're ready to get started will continue, always available, providing you with updates, from day one, through completion, delivery and finally set-up in your home. Questions or concerns, no matter how trivial, are immediately addressed, always answered and/or resolved to the customers' full satisfaction.

Our shops, both our production shop in Pierre, South Dakota, and our backup shop in Ivanhoe, Minnesota, are modestly equipped with top-of-the-line equipment - equipment that in the hands of skilled craftsmen permit the kind of awe-inspiring results that only occur when cabinetry is produced one piece at a time. Accordingly, our craftsmen, unencumbered by schedules or quotas, are encouraged on a daily basis to pour their heart and soul into each piece they craft.

Finally, from experience we know that the more you play, the more sensitive you become to the subtle sweet tone and sustain of skillfully luthered tone woods. And while that special tonal quality is obvious from the beginning, it becomes even sweeter as the years go by and the woods begin to age. At Divine Design, we feel blessed to have the opportunity to ensure that the wonderful tone and playability of the instruments you own may continue to grow sweeter for generations to come.


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Bob Hopper - Founder - General Manager

Our History

Living by Grace - Thankful for every Blessing

Having played guitar for most of my life, I've witnessed what happens when a finely crafted instrument is allowed to slowly deteriorate. Helplessly watching as a the friendly tone of an mid-range Martin guitar became subjected to the roller coaster effect of case humidification. At first it had amazing tone, but as the years passed and careful attention to the in-case humidifier dwindled, so did the tone. Eventually, as the body began to separate from the neck, it became difficult to listen to, much less play. Tragically the guitar's owner vowed to never again purchase a finely crafted guitar until he could find an affordable way to avoid the problem that ruins so many otherwise great instruments. On that note, I directed my efforts to find a solution - to, by the grace of God, return the amazing sound of exceptional tone woods to his life, and save others from the same fate.

The results have been astounding - a system so responsive that humidity levels could be maintained without regard to how often the cabinet doors were open and closed - a system that didn't rely on filters or packets and with a maintenance curve well below anything on the market. While our company is relatively new, our production remains limited due in large measure to our commitment to craft the very finest cabinet on the market today. We thank God, therefore, for the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of those who enjoy owning and playing fine guitars.

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Our Dedication

Divine Design Wood Works, LLC, is a faith based Christian family enterprise that believes that its designs and dedicated craftsmanship flow directly from the will of God, according to his plan, through the loving hands of Jesus Christ.

We treat each customer, regardless of their religious, political, or personal beliefs as a friend, and diligently attempt in every instance to exceed his or her expectations in the quality of our craftsmanship, the timeliness of our delivery.

The Divine Design Team

Robert Hopper - General Manager
Cade Bench-Bresher - Associate
Rob Hopper - Production Consultant
Laura Bench-Bresher - Bookkeeper

Production Shop: 3511 Airport Rd
Office: 125 Norbeck Dr
Pierre, SD 57501
(605) 280-9842